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Weston Vermont
Including Neighboring Areas of South Londonderry, Landgrove and Peru

Weston, VT - Londonderry, VT - Peru, VT - Landgrove, VT During warmer months visitors come from far and wide to visit the nationally  renowned Vermont Country Store, the Weston Priory (a small Benedictine Monastery known world-wide for the singing voices of the Monks who live there), and the Weston Playhouse. In fact, this tiny village is a major destination of folks from out of state. Its beautiful setting is dotted with delightful Shops and Galleries,. The shops are such that it's near impossible to visit Weston and not become a serious browser.

Weston VTThe fall foliage season is Weston's busiest by far. It is also the time of two incredibly popular attractions, the Weston Antiques Show and the Weston Craft Show. Consequently, if you're planning to book a room at a local inn anytime during leaf season make your reservation early or plan on spending your nights outdoors in a sleeping bag.

In winter it's a popular home away from home for those who ski or snowboard at nearby Okemo, Bromley or Stratton Mhttp://www.stratton.com/ountain Resorts.Current Weather Conditions It is a also major visitor destination during summer and fall. Read below and you'll find out why!

Londonderry & South Londonderry (Pop. 1709):
Londonderry is the metropolis of the two in that it has a small shopping center containing a well-stocked, full-size supermarket and a variety of other businesses. The town also has several restaurants, lodging establishments, and the like. During the warmer months, the Londonderry Farmer's Market draws a hugh number of visitors. You'll find it in the middle of town on Route 11. It operates every Saturday morning. And, it offers alot more than veggies for sale, including hand-made clothing items, bakery goods, art work, jewelry, plants, etc. It's a great way to spend Saturday morning!.

Landgrove (Pop. 144): Although only minutes away from the other villages in the area, this is not a village you are going to stumble across! And, although it has a town hall, it's not really a town  as most would describe one. It is better defined as a "place"...and a beautiful place it is! Landgrove is comprised of a town hall, a country inn, and a number well-manicured homes of varied type, owned almost exclusively by folks from down country. That's it...there are no shops, no post office, nothing...  just forest, meadows, dirt roads, and quiet beauty!

Landgrove can be reached from Peru, Londonderry, and Weston. Regardless of from where, it's dirt road all or part of the way, so drive slowly.

What's to do in Landgrove? During the warmer months it's walking or biking...or a dip in nearby Hapgood Pond, maintained beautifully by the National Forest Service. In winter it pretty much comes down to skiing nearby Bromley, Cross-Country Skiing, or taking a Horsedrawn Sleigh Ride. However, you're just minutes away from just about anything you might choose to do, regardless of the season.

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Peru (Pop. 416): Peru is a tiny village located between Manchester and Londonderry. If you're a skier you think of Peru as the home of Bromley Mountain Ski Area (although many skiers probably believe it is in Manchester). If you're a frequent summer visitor you probably think of Peru as the home of the Hapgood Pond Recreational Area maintained by the National Forest Service.

Of course, if you've ever been to Peru in the fall, you definitely think of Peru as the home of the Peru Fair. The "Fair" is more like a incredible street fair and pig roast than what one thinks of as a Fair. It should certainly be on your fall calendar if it isn't already!

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