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Stratton VT  Stratton Mountain VTThe Area: We’ve defined the Stratton Mountain Area as just that, Stratton Mountain and the area immediately supporting it. The exception is Jamaica. In winter, Jamaica is very much identified with the mountain, however, in summer, Jamaica has an identity all its own. 

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Stratton Mountain: As a ski area, it is one of Vermont's finest! Stratton Mountain Resort is no lightweight when it comes to serving skiers. The lift capacity (including a gondola and six-person chairlift) is 21,020 people per hour. More details can be found by linking to Recreation at the bottom of this page.

Stratton Mountain Village: Stratton Mountain Village - Copyright by WebLinks, Inc.There's not much you could be in want of in winter that you won't find on the mountain itself! A few short minutes up the access road off of Route 30 in Bondville you'll find Stratton Mountain Village, Stratton Mountain Base Lodge,  and a variety of sophisticated lodging and dining establishments.Skier or notr a visit to Stratton Mountain Village is must see! Go for lunch or dinner.. or just browse. Our favorite eatery is Mulligan's... great food in an informal environment!

Although instinctively (and rightfully so) first thought of as a Ski Resort, this mountain is much more than a winter playground - easily attested to by golfers, mountain bikers, art and crafts enthusiasts, summer concert-goers, and the like. Likewise, the shops and eateries in Stratton Mountain Village cater to the warm-weather-folk as much as they do to those coming in to eat, drink, shop, or thaw out during the height of the ski season. There's Lodging facilities to satisfy every taste and pocketbook - including some spectacular Vacation Home Rentals.

This is not to mention spectacular views, cool summer nights, and being in close proximity to most anything you might want to do in Southern Vermont. Make sure to check out our Calendar of Events and Attractions during the warmer months, as well as when the snow is flying! 

Bondville, Winhall (Pop. 482): Bondville and Winhall are basically one and the same. Winhall is officially the town, Bondville the village. However, you won't find much evidence of Winhall, and you certainly won't find a village (as one commonly defines a village) called Bondville . For all intents and purposes Bondville is the stretch of road along Route 30 in immediate proximity to the Stratton Mountain Access Road, and in winter exists as sort of an extension of the resort itself. Bondville is dotted with ski shops, restaurants, and businesses primarily serving the thousands of skiers who visit the area each winter.

Travel west on Route 30 a few miles from the base of the mountain and you will CLICK HERE FOR LARGER IMAGE - Winhall Market, Base of Stratton Mountain, Vermont - Photo Copyright 2006 by WebLinks, Inc. dba LinkVermont unknowingly be in Rawsonville, a village within Jamaica ...although adjoining Bondville and miles from Jamaica. Rawsonville is likewise identified with Stratton Mountain and serves the same purposes. You'll find several great sporting goods shops here offering everything from ski and mountain bike rentals to canoes. You'll know you are in Rawsonville when at the intersection of Routes 30 and 100!

During the warmer months this area caters to a different visitor entirely. Route 30 is a popular east/west route between the Manchester Area and the Brattleboro/Newfane Area. This is a beautiful drive, and dramatically different at the eastern and western ends. Warm-weather visitors should note that the Bondville Fair is especially worthy visiting. The Fair is traditionally held in late August. 

Stratton: Stratton, the town,  is known to few other than locals. It does not in any way relate to the to the mountain resort, nor is it easily accessible It's located south of Stratton Mountain and can be accessed from Jamaica, West Wardsboro. There is no village per se, however just west of the town of Stratton (off of Forest Road #6) is Grout Pond, a recreational area deep in the Green Mountain National Forest. You can also access the north end of Somerset Reservoir by continuing south on the trails from Grout Pond.

Grout Pond is a great place for a picnic and swimming during the warmer months. It also has miles of trails used for hiking in summer and snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, and Snowmobiling in winter. However, this can be a dangerous area during a cold winter with a heavy snow accumulation. We strongly recommend that if you are not an experienced winter outdoors person that you contact the Manchester Ranger Station of the National Forest Service at 802-362-2307 for information before going in to the area. In winter you can only access the area from the West Wardsboro side, the other end of Forest Road #6 is not plowed


Whitewater Rafting - Jamaica State Park, Jamaica VT - Photo Courtesy of VT Department of Parks Jamaica, East Jamaica; Rawsonville:  Jamaica is another of Vermont's picture-book villages, and is primarily a warm-weather destination. It's a pretty village with some fascinating shops and galleries. 

You'll also find some spectacular white water kayaking and rafting here each spring and fall. The main attraction is the release from the Ball Mountain Flood Control Dam. The spring release is usually scheduled for the last full weekend of April, the Fall release is on the third full weekend of September. Jamaica State Park, Ball Mountain Lake, and nearby Townshend State Park have campsites.

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