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CLICK HERE FOR LARGER IMAGE - Vermont State House - Photo by LinkVermont - 2002 Copyright by LinkVermont [Large & Small Images]Montpelier VT AreaMontpelier: This, Vermont's capital city, is also this nation's smallest capital city. It is so unassuming that the gold-domed statehouse takes you by surprise. When the Republic of Vermont became the 14th state, Montpelier had a population of 113. History

Our Citizen Legislature still fathers precedent setting law. We still have a Town Meeting form of government, no billboards within the state, and no McDonalds in our capital city. Need we say more about the people of Vermont and those who walk the halls of our statehouse? This magnificent statehouse with its marble floors is a fitting tribute to the rugged people of this state, past and present. Experience it for yourself - Monday - Friday, 10am - 3:30pm, July through mid-October, guided tours are available every 30 minutes, free of charge. 

While in town you may also want to check out the performance schedule at the Lost Nations Theater and tour this nation's oldest Maple Sugar Works - Maple Sugar Works of Morse Farm. And, in nearby Graniteville [See Below] you'll find the world's largest granite quarry.

Drive a few city blocks in any direction and you're back in rural Vermont. Take I-89 west and you'll be on the shores of Lake Champlain in no time. Head east on I-89 toward I-91 and you'll enjoy views second to none! In fact, whichever way you go it will be a treat to the eye. You might want to check out our Places of Interest and Calendar of Events before heading out!

Barre: True? History states that Barre was named by the winner of a fist fight to name the city. How did Barre get its name? Ah yes, in the early days life in Barre was never dull... and, it had a dark side back then. Check it out!

Today Barre is probably best known for its Rock of Ages Granite Quarry [World's Largest] located just southeast of the city in Graniteville. Sheer cliffs descend 475 feet to the quarry floor, and visitors are welcome. See Attractions & Places of Interest.

Nearby Towns & Villages: Adamant, Berlin, East Barre, East Montpelier, Graniteville, Middlesex, Moretown, North Montpelier, Orange, Putnamville, Riverton, Shady Rill, South Barre, Websterville, West Berlin, Worcester. See Area Map.

Local Attractions & Places of Interest

Listings Are In Alphabetical Order

Barre Opera House (Central Vermont)
Description: Performances April Through Mid-October
Location: North Main Street
Town: Barre
Phone: 802-476-8188

Bragg Farm & Sugarhouse (Central Vermont)
Description: A Traditional Family Operated Sugarhouse. Tours & Tastings.
Location: Route 14
Town: East Montpelier
Phone: 802-223-5757

New England Culinary Institute (Central Vermont)
Description: In 2004 named Best Cooking School by the International Association of Culinary Professionals.
Location: 250 Main Street
Town: Montpelier
Phone: 802-223-6324

Vermont Historical Society Museum (Central Vermont)
Description: Fascinating Displays, Relics, More
Location: State Street
Town: Montpelier
Phone: 802-828-2291

Vermont Statehouse (Central Vermont)
Description: Impressive, Beautiful, Great History,Tours
Location: State Street
Town: Montpelier
Phone: 802-828-2228


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