Vermont Summer Vacation Planning Guide

What's Up Next In Vermont?

Halloween, Snow, The Holiday Season,
Shopping, Horsedrawn Sleigh Rides, Skiing,
Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, Romantic Getaways
& Blazing Fireplaces!

HalloweenEverything You Wanted To Know, Or Didn't Want To Know, About Bats!
It's educational and for the whole family! What better time learn about bats than now.. You might even want to Adopt A Bat For Halloween!

The Vermont Ghost Guide Halloween Fun In Vermont: There's lots of fun [and some scary] things to do in Vermont from now thru Halloween. Pick Your Own Pumpkin. How about a Haunted Hayride in Manchester, a Ghost Walk in Burlington, Hoots & Howls at VINS - Great for Kids! Read about some supposedly Haunted Places In Vermont. You might also want to check out The Haunted Forest.

Of course, there's nothing better than Vermont Ghost Stories, and they make a great gift!


Think Snow! Spread the word. The time has come to become a 'Think Snow' activist. We can use as many as possible, as we have plenty of opponents. Stand up and be counted! Order your Think Snow Sticker now.

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